User agreement

The User Agreement comes into force from the moment you express your consent to its terms by registering on the website

1. Subject of the User Agreement offers its services to you on the terms and conditions that are the subject of this User Agreement (UA). The Agreement can be changed by us without any special notice, the new version of the Agreement comes into force from the moment of publication, unless another date for the entry into force of the changes is determined additionally when they are published.

2. Description of services

2.1 offers users access to a wide range of services. All currently existing services, as well as any development of them and / or the addition of new ones, is the subject of this UA. You understand and agree that all services are provided "as is" and that is not responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or non-safety of any user and personal information.

2.2 In order to use the services, you must have a computer and Internet access (WWW). All issues of acquiring access rights to the Network, purchasing and adjusting for this relevant equipment and software products are decided by the User independently and are not subject to the Agreement.

2.3 Please note that some services may contain adult content. This UA instructs persons under the age of 18 to refrain from accessing this information.

3. Your registration obligations

3.1 In order to use the services of, you agree to provide true, accurate and complete information about yourself on the issues proposed in the registration form, and to keep this information up to date. If you provide incorrect information or has serious reasons to believe that the information you provided is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, has the right to suspend or cancel your registration and refuse to use its services (or parts thereof). You must remember that:

3.1.1 Upon registration, the user agrees to comply with this UA.

3.1.2 Multiple registration of accounts by one user is prohibited. One user can register one artist account and one customer account.

3.1.3 The choice of a conventional name (login) is the user's right. The administration reserves the right to take action if its (login) use violates generally accepted norms, or is offensive to other users.

3.1.4 The choice of a conventional name (login) cannot be changed.

3.1.5 When registering, the user is obliged to indicate the real Name and Surname in the corresponding registration fields.

4. Your registration, password and security

4.1 Upon completion of the registration process, you will receive a login and password to access the personalized part of the services. You are responsible for the security of your username and password, as well as for everything that will be done on the website under your username and password. has the right to prohibit the use of certain logins and / or withdraw them from circulation.

4.2 You agree that you are obliged to immediately notify about any case of unauthorized (not authorized by you) access with your username and password and / or any security breach, as well as the fact that you independently complete the work under your password ("Exit" button) at the end of each session of working with services.

4.3 is not responsible for any possible loss or damage to data that may occur due to your violation of the provisions of this part of the UA.